What is a breath controller?

A breath controller is an auxiliary tool for semi-professional and professional musicians who use a variety of instruments such as a keyboard, organ, or MIDI controller or sound card. (Sound Card) is connected and the musician can use it to control the intensity and velocity and contrast of his instrument with his breath.

Application of breath controller in playing

The application of this change of intensity practically creates a deeper feeling for the musician, especially for the sounds of wind instruments and bows.

Technical description of CP2 control breath

The quality of the samples used can definitely make you more excited, so we recommend that you put a good sound bank on your keyboard.

Midi Expression information is sent to your keyboard or synthesizer in channels 1,2,3 by default and changes the range of 0-127 with the foot pressure.

Using a high-speed processor eliminates the delay in sending Midi messages on this device, although the processing of a beautiful light effect commensurate with the foot pressure is underway.

Your concern is to use it for long periods of time, the design of the retaining spring on the head as well as the very low required pressure of this product allows you to enjoy your playing for long periods of time.

Breath controller settings

In other models of this product from volumes (Threshold) or (Sensitivity)

To adjust the sensitivity value we have used another technique in CP2.

  • Proper replacement of the extra air outlet screw in the mouthpiece
  • The device’s Auto Balance system, which achieves the best possible state for you once and for all.

The difference between a controller breath and a Josie Sand

breath Controller is an instrumentation engineering device for pressure controller and converts it to MIDI files.

Therefore, it does not produce any sound on its own and only affects the sound of that instrument when it is connected.

Breath Control Capabilities


Ability to update optimal performance via USB

Rhythm programs

Proper performance in KORG and YAMAHA rhythm program


Ability to connect a variety of keyboards, synthesizers, sound cards and equipment with MIDI ports

Proper weight

Light weight and no need for another module to set up.

Very High Performance For Musicians

Deepen the sense of playing and make the sounds sound natural in the electronic instrument

After the initial preparation of the sound in your synthesizer, reach the minimum breath pressure by properly adjusting the mouthpiece drain screw.
(Stretching sounds such as violin, clarinet, “full brass wind” trumpet, flute, accordions, electronic leads, pads, strings, etc.)

Start working with the first blow and issue a stop command with a negative blow (suction) if necessary.
(On low-tension sounds such as piano, bells, acoustic guitar, chords, dulcimer, bean, etc., usually do not need to be used and you stop it with a 1-second suction)

With a little practice, you will definitely achieve an extraordinary skill that you will not be able to perform after the absence of CP2 !!

Very easy to use

Very easy to use on all devices with MIDI INPUT

Shockproof bag

Very stylish to move and prevent damage.

Various colors

Light passing through unique light shadow layers in different colors makes the hidden logo of the device and the amount of breath pressure appear.

Small and beautiful dimensions

Small size and beauty of resin pieces that show a handmade work of Iranian artists.

Single module

No need for many connections and cumbersome modules on your desktop or keyboard during live performance!

Update via USB

Other features will be added over time…

Two years warranty and after-sales service

Quality Iranian goods, the good thing is that if one day it breaks down, it is a producer and it will produce it for you again from the beginning.

How CP2 breath controller works?

  • Getting started: Connect breath controller CP2 to the device and activate it with the first breath.
  • Stop: When you feel you do not want to use CP2, issue this command using only one negative breath (suction).
  • Lip receiver: Adjust the amount of incoming air to adjust the pressure (breathing) with the drain screw.
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